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In Kielce, preparing for the harvest.
13-15 March: Agrotech and Las-Expo

International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH in Kielce is one of the largest exhibitions of agricultural machinery in Poland. Almost five hundred companies present their products on the 40 000 square metre exhibition space.

This year’s Agrotech fair will be the 15th and will last 3 days from Friday March 13th to Sunday, March 15th. As usual the fair will take place in the exhibition halls and external exhibition area of the organiser, the Kielce Trade Fair company.
The event is held at the same time as Las-Expo, the 9th Timber Industry and Forest Resources Management Fair (accompanied by other events including a conference on “Forest Resource Management and Nature 2000”). In addition to the Polish exhibitors there are also manufacturers and representatives from China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and other countries. Apart from the agricultural machinery section, the fair also includes sections on agricultural tools, equipment for animal production, horticultural and forest equipment and machinery, production aids (crop seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, feeds and feed additives), agricultural accessories, livestock buildings.

Colossus on Wheels
The most popular field machines, tractors and combines usually arouse particular emotions among visitors to this kind of exhibition. In Kielce, one can see the products of the most renowned tractor producers on the Polish market, for example: Crystal Traktor from Sieradz, Farmtrac from Mrągowo, Farmer from Sokółka, Pronar from Narwia and Ursus. The stands mainly present small and medium size tractors (Polish factories specialise in producing these machines) however there are also new products, machines with engines whose power exceeds 111.9 kW (150 hp). There are also well known, foreign brands of tractor and combine: Zetor (Zetor Polska from Kalisz), Claas & Fendt (from the Dom Handlowy of Henryka and Paweł Korbaneks from Tarnów Podgórny), Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Same (Same Deutz-Fahr from Mełgiew) and Kubota (Marubeni Construction from Warsaw). Tractors driven by alternative energy, for instance rapeseeds oil provide one of the curiosities on show at this year’s fair. The newest cereal combines are products from the biggest European manufacturers of combine harvesters: CNH Polska from Płock (New Holland), John Deere Polska from Poznań (John Deere) and Farmtech from Słupsk (Lawerda).

Not only for the field...
There are over one thousand products on show at the15th Agrotech, among them many new ones. These include products used for field cultivation and products used in farms and stockyards. There are products from the Akpil company in Pilzno and Expom Krośniewice (combined soil preparation units), sprayers from Kujawska Fabryka Maszyn Rolniczych Krukowiak (Kujawska Krukowiak Agricultural Machinery Factory) from Brześć Kujawski, cisterns for waste disposal from Meprozet Kościan, wood transport equipment from MHS Serwis Mikulski from Świebodzin, the trailers and loaders of Pol-Mot Warfama from Dobre Miasto and Samasz mowers from Białystok. Among the famous foreign brands with products on show there are Oehler and Giant loaders, Horsch, Kongskilde and Vaderstad combined units, and trailers from Joskin.

Every year our Publishing House is present at the Kielce fairs. You can get all the information you want about our magazines on our stand and you can see current and past issues. The stand is open all the time the exhibition is open. You are most welcome.

Strong despite the crisis.
An interview with Nataly Korenkova, Brand manager of ITE Ukraine, organiser of trade exhibitions

BAU-EXPO: This year we can expect less exhibitors at ConMac Ukraine. Will it still be of interest to visitors?

Nataly Korenkova: The answer is of course YES. The 5th International Exhibition of Building, Handling, Road-building and Mining Equipment, ConMac 2009, will be very interesting! The turbulence in global markets has also been felt in Ukraine and for sure if affects the local market for construction machinery. However we shouldn't just complain about it, we have to cope with these turbulent times and we will certainly succeed in this. Despite the crisis, with Euro 2012 coming along there is a lot of work waiting for the country. Organization of such big and international tournaments generates really huge opportunities. EURO 2012 is already generating a number of giant construction investments: stadiums, road networks, hotels, etc. And to build all those projects, we need... machines. A lot of machines as Ukrainian construction machinery tends to be old and outdated. This is why ConMac will be very impressive despite the crisis, will help the country come through the economic challenges we face and will help further development of the local construction industry.

BAU-EXPO: Did you prepare any special attractions for visitors (seminars, buildings machine demonstrations, etc.)?

Nataly Korenkova: ConMac Ukraine shows off the latest achievements of the Ukrainian and international companies that produce, process and introduce new techniques and progressive technologies on the Ukrainian market. Exhibition participants will show products in action on their stands and they can meet buyers face to face to maximise sales potential. There is no special area for dynamic presentations. Depending on the size of the stand, each company will present its own individual show, especially since a few of them will present their machines and equipment outside, so simplifying the short demonstration they offer.

BAU-EXPO: Could you tell us more about the foreign participants, please.

Nataly Korenkova: This year 72 exhibitors will participate in ConMac 2009: 59 from Ukraine and 13 from abroad. They will present their products on the 1,909 sq. m. exhibition area. ConMac Ukraine was established as an annual event in 2005 and is held alongside KievBuild, in high demand from manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials, technologies, and services and their consumers from all over the world as an efficient tool for business communication. It's also the first and only exhibition in Ukraine to demonstrate all the stages of the building process - starting from the architectural concept right through to project realization. The number of international participants increases every year, which is connected, I think, with the building projects for the football tournament. Ukrainian construction companies are more likely to purchase international brands as the price differential between local manufacturers and foreign firms continues to decrease. More and more foreign producers even organise the technical servicing of their machinery and dealer network in Ukraine.

BAU-EXPO: What kind of opportunities are offered to the international participants in ConMac Ukraine?

Nataly Korenkova: Participating in ConMac is a great opportunity to meet the target audience of trade professionals and industry specialists from both Ukraine and abroad. It allows them to actively promote their products and strengthen their company's brand image on the Ukrainian market. ConMac provides an ideal platform to establish a mutually-beneficial partnership with other exhibitors that use the equipment, machines and processes being produced, as well as with building, investment and architectural companies. Our trade show is very popular in the region, we have visitors not only from neighbouring countries, but also from all over the world. The total number of ConMac and KievBUILD exhibitors amounts to over 500 from 28 countries. That is why potential investors and decision makers come to visit us. They are going to choose the machines or equipment on which they will spend their money in the very near future.

Adam Włodarz

Promising Prospects
Development of the UAE Construction Market

According to forecasts by independent experts, the years ahead will be very good for the construction industry in the United Arab Emirates. Since oil prices on global markets should remain high, it may be expected that new airports, ports, huge spas and entertainment parks as well as commercial and residential buildings will continue to be constructed in the UAE.

Large projects, which are constantly springing up in the Emirates, contribute to the excellent condition of the local construction equipment and services market. Experts agree that the demand for construction machinery in this country is among the highest in the world. More than 6,000 construction companies are already active in the UAE, and this number will grow. Increasingly, manufacturers and importers of machines from all over the world eye the Emirates with hope — it is enough to look at the list of companies present at this year’s Big 5 PMV fair in Dubai, where out of 364 representatives only 45 hail from the UAE.

Construction expenditure per capita in the Emirates is one of the highest in the world. New structures (including cities on the sea) are being built there which would be worthy of the largest metropolises of the world. All this makes construction fairs such as the Big 5 PMV important venues where customers can meet and exchange information with companies from the construction industry.

Permanent Development
According to the latest Business Monitor International (BMI) report, from 2008 to 2012 the construction industry will grow at an average annual rate of 5 per cent and in 2012, it will account for around 9 per cent of UAE GDP.

The Emirates are a hub of construction activity in the region, but many huge construction projects are being undertaken in other Persian Gulf countries as well. A study by the independent Proleads company, which monitors construction projects in the region, shows that at the moment a staggering 3,339 projects, worth in total more than 2.8 trillion US dollars, are being constructed there, most of them in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Huge Construction Site
Currently, 35% of the world’s heavy construction equipment and 25% of the world’s cranes are being used in the UAE. The largest construction project in the region — Dubailand, which it is estimated will be worth US$182.353 billion, is located there. This project sets a new record for expenditure, replacing the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia, which was built at the cost of US$129.976 billion.

With respect to the number of construction projects in the Gulf, the UAE leads, followed by Saudi Arabia. Kuwait comes third.

Millions for Equipment
In order to construct so many projects, appropriate construction equipment is required. No wonder that the UAE break all records in the construction industry. Long-term forecasts for the oil market do not indicate any significant price decreases. For Gulf economies, this means further inflows of money allowing them to initiate the most audacious construction projects.

According to the Construction World magazine, the UAE market for heavy construction equipment is worth US$190 million, the road construction equipment market is worth US$176 million, and the digger market is worth US$150 million. It is estimated that during the next five years, the increase in revenues from the sale and lease of all types of construction machines will amount to around 15 to 20 per cent. Even better performance is forecast for the mechanical tool market. It is expected to grow by a whopping 39 per cent from US$3.1 billion in 2008 to US$4.3 billion in 2012.

(by Adam Włodarz, based on Big 5 PMV press releases)

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